Let me not talk

Let me not talkOr I would empty my heart And hurt someoneI would say all bad deeds While scars are still mild My heart bleeds (x2)What sorrow, what suffer, many tears But never lose hopeTo lose hope is to dieLet me not talkOr I would talk on behalf of those orphansWithout helpI would talk on behalf of those widows and widowersI would talk about this infinite conflictI would talk the real cause I would talk what real happened While we need reconciliation Tolerance, and forgiveness Let me not talk (x2)Or I would do the sameTwo sided, two languagesLet me not talkThe human’s heartWorse than beast’s ownLet me not talk Each and everyone’s feelingsLet me not talk About 1994And all that followed Many orphans Chefs of homesStreets covered by grassBeautiful hills full of scattered housesNot more playing grounds for childrenA mother with children became barrenChurches full of dead bodiesThey led people just like animalsTo their own way to deathThe one of criminalsKilled by macheteDivided into partsChopped dumped into bush Eaten by dogs Skulls pulled over the hillsYou who are still alive

Don’t worry try to take it easy

 Forgive and forget

Our people are in the better place

Let me not talk (x2)

What makes me cry

What makes me remember

But never lose hope

To lose hope is to die

Let me talk (x2)


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