Humanity, Religion, Science in World Today

Humanity, Religion, Science in World Today Our God in heaven, come and save us, the earth you gave us is rapidly destroyed by the care-takers, we are really tired, too many problems, poverty, wars, diseases, hatred, etc. We want peace, love one another but the world is against all that; please come and save us. God, look what’s happening in our world today, when you see us seated laughing, you think there is harmony, but only hypocrisy, God you know that better than I do, when you see us heading to ceremony it’s not for celebration, it’s instead for destruction. God, when you see us entering the synagogues, we dress-up for people to see not confess our sins, you know that better my God, we hit our chests, we recite prayers, we bend down, that you should forgive our  sins and let’s forgive our offenders, we ask others to  do to us as we do on to them, but we do not mean it and we keep failing, we never ask to be humans, we never ask for wisdom, we ask for forgiveness, but we never forgive others. God, when we make wars and purchase weapons for our enemies, we kill children, old ones, we destroy our developments, and we loot, no one was born to die, help us to know, when we build today, tomorrow we destroy, because of jealousy and competition, this compare will soon finish us. God, when we learn to acquire knowledge, which kind of knowledge is that, instead of loving one another, tolerance, acceptance, peace, knowing God, and helping each other, that we must learn science, the same science kills us, we build arms and nuclear weapons, in water, in sky, we send bombs, no science of loving God, this kind of science come and destroy it, we need it no any more, come and save us God. Arnaud Ntirenganya Emmanuel  


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