MEMO ON RWANDA AND CENTRAL AFRICA CRISIS The crisis in Central Africa is related to the events, which originated from the Rwandan ethnic conflict. Here is the genesis of this secular conflict.During centuries, the Tutsi minority had ruled the Rwanda by a feudal system.In 1959, the Hutu majority overthrew the feudal system of ruling and since that time, many Tutsi went abroad: Zaire, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Europe, and North America…Since 1961, the Hutu installed a democratic ruling system through popular elections supervised by the United Nation.The Country remained very peaceful until October 1990. During this period, the Country reached a high level in economic, educational, health, roads infrastructure, and telecommunication areas …The Tutsi who fled the country in 1959 continued to accuse the Hutu Governments for human rights violations without evidences…In 1982, the present president of Uganda, Yoweri MUSEVENI, went in rebellion against Kampala Government. It is important to notice that president Museveni belongs to the Hima minority ethnic group in Uganda, which is related to the Tutsi minority ethnic group in Rwanda.The Tutsi who fled in Uganda in 1959 helped Yoweri Museveni to fight and he took over power in Kampala in 1986.Most the new Ugandan army officers were Tutsi of Rwanda origin…Once Ugandan rebellion went successfully, the present president of Uganda decided to back the Rwandan Tutsi rebellion in attacking Rwanda from Uganda. It was in October 1990.During the time of war, a peace agreement was signed in Arusha-Tanzania. It was in August 1993.In April 1994, the Tutsi rebels who wanted to take over all the power in Rwanda planned an assassination of the head of state and shot down the presidential plane. It was on the 6th July 1994.After the assassination of the head of state, it has been a horrible interethnic massacre; thousands of Tutsi were put on death…The United Nations Security Council accused the Governmental troops of genocide against the Tutsi civilians and decided an embargo on them, and that led to their defeat. It was on July 19th 1994.As the Tutsi rebellion took over power in Rwanda, thousands of Hutu civilians were put on death, and more than 2.5 millions people (Hutu) preferred to flee from the country and took refuge in Zaire, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Europe, and North America…exactly as did the Tutsi in 1959! At the same time, thousands of Tutsi came back to Rwanda.In July 1996, in the neighboring Burundi, Major BUYOYA, a Tutsi, overthrew the legal Hutu government and came back to power through a coup d’état…In September 1996, a coalition of Tutsi armies, i.e. Ugandan, Rwandan, and Burundian Governmental troops attached the Zaire. They used the Zairian rebellion as an ‘alibi’ to invade Zaire. The Zairian rebellion headed by Kabila just a symbol took over power in Kinshasa in May 1997. The undermined reality of war in Zaire was that, the Rwanda Tutsi military Government in Kigali wanted to exterminate more than 1 million Rwandan Hutu refugees installed in eastern Zaire. They were accused to hostile to Rwandan Tutsi Government who decided to wipe them out. It is also obvious that the Zairian rebellion benefited from some other countries a solid military assistance …Meanwhile, more than 700,000 Rwandan Hutu refugees were exterminated. The International community kept silence on that! The high commander of Rwandan army General Kagame declared to the Washington Post Journalists (July 1997) that, he is the one who planned and directed the war in Zaire and that the destruction of the refugee camps was his first military objective… /. Verites Rwandaises, Asbl, P.o Box 2077 Kigali-Rwanda


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