When you are a Foreigner!

 WHEN, YOU ARE A FOREIGNER! My sister, my brother, and you my friend,Everybody in the world has a family,Everybody in the world belongs to one tribe, ethnic and race of people,Everybody has a place called home,Where, right and worth are guaranteed,Surprisingly,By many different reasons,You find yourself somewhere else,No longer with your family members,No longer at home,No right at all and worthless,Now, you are a Refugee!Yes, very hard to adopt, Very hard to believe,Very hard to understand,Simply because things will never be the same as before,You will become homeless,You will become wretched,People will hate you and minimize you,Any thing happens you will be the course,You will become talking point and utterly pointless,  When you are a foreigner, I mean a Refugee, Do not expect any favour from anybody, My sister, my brother, and you my friend,Listen to me carefully; Keep what I mean honestly, They will help coping with this glitch world, Now, you are a refugee,Keep your mouth quiet,Do not mind other people businesses, Listen to few things and say few,Look few and do not be curious, Love all, but do not trust one,Try to be honest and help who is in need, Pray to God for your daily bread and next day,Yes, I know,You are a very great intellectual,You had a big livestock,You had too much money and cars, You had been a big man, You received whom you wanted, And you were not in to whom you didn’t want,But now, you find better death than life,You have known misery, You live with suffering and grievance, Now you are waiting your own day to come,Sorry, rest in peace, if only you can,When, you are a foreigner, I mean a refugee,Your days become shorter,Because of many worries,Kindly, accept my condolences.  By: Arnaud Emmanuel Ntirenganya  


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