Crime Story

Crime story

April 1994, I thought it was the end that they had been saying; I was 16 years old, when I had bad images, noise of guns, people shouting and crying, it was really a traumatically time, after losing my parents, my brothers, so many relatives and all kind of sufferings; Yes, it was the beginning of the bad times; my thrilling story was when I wanted to put the end-point to my life; finding myself back to school after few months of dirge, I thought exceedingly drinking and smoking could help me forget all what I passed through; but not! Decision taken, one night I decided to dangle myself, while others are sound asleep inside school’s dormitory, I got-up, prepared my rope, left towards the drying-room, accomplished my mission, only few seconds later on, I fell down, coughing, tears on my jaws, my voice gone; confused, I saw my good friend (Rwamo Olivier) by me trying to loosen my rope on my neck “Ntirenganya” he called! I begged him to never tell anybody, although he did; now I am still alive, but I will never forget that day! By: Arnaud Emmanuel Ntirenganya


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