Hutus and Tustis, Who Are They?

HUTUS AND TUTSIS, WHO ARE THEY? These are two ethnic groups found in Rwanda and Burundi neighboring, which at first these ethnic groups were considered as social categories, Hutus as cultivators, Tutsis as pastoral nomads…/In Rwanda for instance, in ancient time the cattle was considered like wealth the same time like Tutsi as well, which means also Hutus who acquired cattle were socially known as Tutsis; Hutus and Tutsis do speak one language “kinyarwanda” from the North to the South, from the East to the West…/They stay together on the same hills and villages, intermarriage between Hutus and Tutsis was acceptable and culturally good, though was weakened by genocide in 1994, which left more than eight hundred thousands Tutsis slaughtered and more than seven hundred thousands Hutus killed…/ Hutus and Tutsis are now living together as concubines, each accusing another hostile, reconciliation is much doubtful, because reconciliation without true forgiveness is like to poor water on the back of the duck; …/ It is very important to acknowledge the majority of the Hutus and the minority of the Tutsis, noting also that these Tutsis minority are still found in Uganda as Hima ethnic group and in Republic Democratic of Congo as Banyamurenge ethnic group (people of the hills), …/Hutus and Tutsis, two people who lived together since for long, before they were devised by their colonial masters, which is the ever worst gift of Belgians to these two innocent people, when these Belgians started showing favoritism to the Tutsis by saying “a Tutsi is a white man in black skin”, by measuring the size of their body parts, by constructing schools only for Tutsis as Administrators, by making Tutsis heirs of powers and good governance…/But, really who are these two ethnic groups of people? Their physiognomy, their origins, and their characteristics may differentiate them…/Physiognomy: Hutus have mostly medium size and fat skin, while Tutsis have tall size and slim…/Origins: the history does tell us that Hutus were immigrants from: Cameroon, Nigeria, Chad and Central Africa Republic, while Tutsis were immigrants from Ethiopia and Middle East…/ Characteristics: Hutu is submissive, kind, fair relating, opened, hard working, violent when aggressed and fair in helping each other, while Tutsi is very clandestine, malicious, socializing, nature of beauty, keeping promise, and good warrior…/   Note: Rwanda and Burundi (Urwanda and Urundi) in ancient time and present time, it has never been a different between the two countries, Urwanda and Urundi the first names of these two countries which meant Burundi was another Rwanda, the same culture, a little different between Kinyarwanda and Kirundi languages     By: Arnaud Emmanuel Ntirenganya,   


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