I remember!

I Remember! To remember, if was not,So that, I can forget what makes me to grieve.I remember my sweet childhood,I remember my large and wealthy family,I remember delicious food,I remember moving in the car,I remember bathing hot water,I remember be escorted everywhere,I remember luxury things,I remember traveling,I remember the beginning of bad times,I remember the noise of guns and grenades,I remember people shouting,I remember people looting,I remember houses burning,I remember houses scattered and destroyed,I remember people crying,I remember many dead bodies,I remember mass graves,I remember going many miles,I remember falling down on the way,I remember sleeping on the hills,I remember hiding in the bushes,I remember eating grass and row food,I remember the bad sent of the dead bodies,I remember the skeletons over the hills,I remember the dogging-up of the dead bodies,I remember the re-burial of the dead bodies,I remember the last kiss of my father,I remember last caress of my mother,I remember the last word of my father accompanied with light slap on my Jaw,“Go my son, I have enjoyed, I have seen everything, go, be strong and be a man”,I remember going and crying,I remember be pursued by the murders,I remember claiming the properties of my father,I remember going in to exile,I remember becoming wretched,I remember I am homeless and hopeless,I remember I am aching,I remember I am shaking,I remember I am breaking,I remember, I remember and I remember!I am eating, I am laughing and I am loving myself,Now, I walk, I work, I sleep, I dance and I am dead.


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