Justice in Rwanda

JUSTICE IN RWANDA! Too many people are fighting for peace, stability, the same as sovereignty of their countries, the world over, but no one is fighting for Justice! What a shame! That was manifested in Rwanda, a country of thousand hills and thousand problems, as it called!That country of three ethnic groups: Tutsis, Hutus, and Twas. Country of so many scars, wounded hearts, much hatred, and grievance, till the end of times! There, people suffer from loneliness, not root, not shelter, nor fire! After that horrible and unforgettable genocide in 1994, which left none behind untouched, people are still talking of reconciliation, which seem to be a big dream to so many! They had tried their best to improve in many ways; The International Community had done what is necessary in many sectors, for example, by putting in place the International Tribunal Penal for Rwanda based in Arusha Tanzania, etc. But, there, people need one more important thing; there is never a true reconciliation without a true forgiveness! All the time, the Tutsis shall continue to admit that they were killed and no one else, up to a million, by ex- FAR, and Interahamwe militias, forgetting what is sure, the number of Hutus killed as retaliation, when, still and after taking power, till the destruction of refugees’ camps in Kibeho-Gikongoro-Rwanda, and those in Eastern of Democratic republic of Congo, more than seven hundred thousands were exterminated, by soldiers of RPF; then, who can stand and tell the peoples (world) that, there is Justice in Rwanda, when only ex- Government personnel are penalized! What a shame on Rwanda and International Community!? I am saying all this because I was hated, discriminated and disappointed by everyone, when Hutus wiped away all my mother’s family and Tutsis killed a big number in my father’s family /… By: Arnaud Ntirenganya Emmanuel 


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