When you look around in our world of today, what do you find?
Negativity, Negativity and Negativity!
Switch on any news channel, what do you see?
Negative stories, Negative actions, and Negative reactions!
It seems our world and Mankind are on the verge of total collapse..

Be Positive
You can be that SAVIOR who can save the world and Mankind from collapse.
You may ask, how?
By applying the principle of BE POSITIVE in your daily life and saving yourself from virtual collapse.

Change your Thinking
Simply change your way of thinking from Negative to Positive.
Stop looking at the negatives in your spouse, children, friends, or workmates.
Rather, look at the positives in them (And you will find many), and begin to appreciate their unique qualities.
If you really want to look for the Negatives, look deeply into your own nature (And you will find many). Don’t be alarmed when you find your NEGATIVES’, Just use the BE POSITIVE principle to convert them into positive.

We are all Mirrors of each other
It is a major universal truth – We are all Mirrors of each other.
What you don’t like in others is your very own image staring back at you, but you are unwilling to accept it.
So forget what others are doing, simply concentrate on what you are doing.
Change your image to BE POSITIVE, and gradually you will begin to see your NEW IMAGE in others.
The principle of BE POSITIVE can save you, us, and everyone from total collapse
If each of us begins to save ourselves, the world and Mankind will be automatically saved.
Remember, it all begins from you – And it all ends with you.
You are God’s greatest creation and there is simply nothing in this world that you cannot do. You are exclusively unique and just one of a kind. In fact, the truth is, the universe cannot function without you, without your energy, and without your talent.

Believe in what you are
The biggest truth you will ever realize (and one day you will) is that you are what you believe you are. The image in the mirror that you see cannot be different from your real personality. A mirror will truthfully reflect the image of a lion as a lion and that of a cat as a cat.

Change your image
Change your image and the reflection will automatically change.
Stop blaming people and circumstances for your current state of affairs.
It’s alll about the image you hold in your perception. If you begin to believe that you are a lion, then that’s what you will be – A lion in your own right – The King of your very own inner jungle. Then you roam free and are not bound by any kind of rules or circumstances. Rather you create your own circumstances and shape up your life as and how you wish it to be – One day at a time.

What is the real meaning of Knowledge?
Knowledge is the seed of life. When you sow it by practical application, not only does it turn into your personal wisdom, but opens the way to unlimited potential and groundbreaking success. True achievement lies within the reach of those individuals who reach beyond themselves.
Knowledge about your real self is the greatest knowledge of all. As the fulfillment of your dreams depends upon the boundaries you set for yourself, ONCE you know your SELF, no boundaries remain.
Isn’t it time to find out who you are and the powers that you possess
Think and Meditate on these words as they may change your life!
Dear Friend,
Today we have bigger houses but smaller families. More degrees, less common sense, More knowledge, less judgment, More medicine, less good health, More foods, less nutrition, Two incomes, but more divorces. Nicer houses, but broken homes. More computers to hold more information, but less personal communication, We spend recklessly, laugh too little, get angry quickly, read too little. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values, have added years to life, but not life to years. We have been all the way to the moon, but have trouble crossing the road to meet our neighbors.
So as of today, search for knowledge, read more and spend time with your family and friends. Do not keep anything for special occasions, because every day is a special occasion. Life is moments of enjoyment and not just about surviving. Every day, every hour, every minute is special, as you do not know if they will be your last.
You may have read these words before and you will read them again, but nothing will change if you do not apply them to your daily life and change your way of thinking and living.

Can the power of Love bring World Peace?
Is it beyond our reach?
The Power of Love is indeed the greatest force in this Universe. Is it beyond our reach? No, it is not. You may be amazed to know how close it is. Love your neighbor as thyself holds the key to not only unlock, but unleash the power of love upon yourself, and through you to the world. But you have to understand what it means to love thyself. If you are not at peace it simply means you do not love yourself. And in that case how can you love someone else? It all begins from you as the world which we witness daily is our very own reflection. If you want these wars to end, corruption to cease, violence to be eliminated, then start with yourself. End your own internal war between the Conscious and Unconscious mind. End your own internal corruption by discarding unhealthy foods. End your own internal violence by eliminating sickness and disease with natural remedies and a healthy life- style.
Once you attain INTERNAL PEACE, this will reflect upon the outer world that you witness, and we will certainly have WORLD PEACE. Is it beyond our reach? No, it is not. Simply start loving yourself and see how the Power of Love will un-leash itself.
Life is Short
So what should you do?
Life is short. So better tune up your engine to have a beautiful ride, Throw away the unnecessary dirt and garbage you have collected, and try to feel your real nature that you always neglected. Be clothed with your inner beauty and love unconditionally, without reason or condition. Become your true self and go back to the care-free days of your childhood. Sing a song of Love and Hope, hear your inner voice and let your spirits be lifted up into the skies. Life is short, but you can make it as long as you want, by living each day fully. So don’t wait before it is too late, the clock of time is ticking, each precious moment is moving away from you. Start living now, your life is waiting to unfold the timeless secrets of eternity.

Ask yourself, IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN?
Do you wanna be Free?
All my life I’ve followed signs on many a road. Tried to find what was right, and do what I’m told. But sometimes you cross the line, And never can go back home. I’ve been here and I’ve been there, Always on the go, Looking for something more to call my own. Up to now I have found that life, as a whole was cold. I wanna be free and live without warning, I wanna finally see what it’s like on the other side, I wanna be free Cause a new day is dawning, I wanna be me, I wanna show the world I’m alive. Who’s to say I need change, and I am not what I’m
Not. Look at me, and what you see has been through a lot. Now it’s time for me to find what love’s really all about and all that I’ve lived without, I wanna be free…
Isn’t this a beautiful song? It’s from Marc Anthony’s musical album ‘Mended’. If you go deep into the depth of these words you will find they are about you, me and everyone around, Music is indeed the language of the soul as it lifts up your spirits, sets you free and takes you into the other world. So do find some time on a daily basis and listen to your favorite music in total silence. I call that ‘Musical Meditation’. Try it and see the amount of peace and positive energy it generates within you.
Why is ‘WHY’ such a critical word?
Why did you do this? Why don’t you understand? Why my work is not appreciated? Why people around me are so mean? Why no one understands me? Why my life is in a mess? Why my monthly income is less?
Why, why, why? The list is virtually endless. And it will stay that way until you don’t change your focus and way of thinking. Don’t ever ask why? Ask what you can do to change the scenario of Why’s. If someone does not understand you, help them by finding out what is wrong with you. If you think people around you are mean, help them with an extra ounce of love, as that is what they really need. If your life is in a mess or the monthly income is less, search within yourself. And you will find every single reason behind your failures – And the path that leads toward success will become clearly visible

Will power
Would you like to know what Will power is?
It is a universal energy, which is available to everyone. People have a wrong notion when they feel that some people have will power and some don’t. Anyone can tap into this energy anytime, No will power is needed for that. Remember the famous quote, “Where there is a will there is a way”. The will – the power, is already there, and you happen to be the way. Just tap into yourself, decide what you want, make a firm plan and devote a little time to it every day without fail……. And soon you would be on your way to know what will power is….
Good-luck in tapping this power and fulfilling your dreams


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