Zone Turquoise

ZONE TURQUOISE What do you comprehend, when you hear that word? This zone of three provinces Gikongoro, Cyangugu, and Kibuye, was created in South Western of Rwanda in July 1994 by French armed forces, according to their mission from French government to the one of their count party, that was to find a safety region within the unoccupied territory by the RPF soldiers (liberators), in helping and protecting the millions of displaced on the Hutus’ side and few survivors on the Tutsis’ side, in fear that, the repeating and continuation of what was going-on since April 1994, also to avoid and stop the retaliation already started by the RPF liberators; then, that zone of turquoise was perceived in so many perspectives: to so many people, it meant paradise, and place of safety; to some others, it meant hell, and den, but what about you? 


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