Hello dear, hope u ar doing great as my wish. Ok nice moment. Stay well and may God be with u!!!

Tout le monde dit toujours a leurs amis qu’ils seront
“Meilleurs amis pour toujours”,
Mais combien de temps cela dure-t-il?
Vous pouvez etre Best friends pendant un an,
Tres bons amis l’autre annee,
Ne pas vous parler souvent l’annee suivante
Et ne plus vous parler du tout l’autre annee apres !
Alors, je voulais juste te dire, meme si je ne te parlerai
plus jamais de ma vie, que tu es special à mes yeux et que
tu a fais une difference dans ma vie.
Je te respecte.

Yes, everyday everybody says to their friends that They will be “good friends forever” But, really for how long that lasts? You can be best friends for one year!Very good friends for the next year!Not talking to each other frequently the third year!And no talking at all one another for the fourth year!!!!!!!Therefore, I would like to tell you, even if I will never talk to you again in my life, that you are still special in my eyes and you have made a difference in my life, any time I see you, my heart aches, always remember this “I will never have a friend like you”. I love you and respect you with all my heart. Arnaud    


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