Why Love never dies?

Why Love never dies?Times may come, times may go. Life style of the past may turn into a distant memory, When you enter this modern revolution. As the scientific innovations take our lives into an advanced age, Love is often pushed behind to back- stage. Life turns more & more toward material aspects, and with all these electronics around, what else can you expect? The beauty of Nature is often lost, As our eyes have no time to admire God’s creations at any cost. In this rush of life we often forget the value of Love, Things which are our real assets are lost in this world of greed and lust. Love is the name of Mankind’s biggest possession. So times may come, and times may go, There’s nothing like now or never. The strongest power in this universe, ‘LOVE’ is ‘FOR-EVER’ So take time to think about it. Should we not lay more emphasis on that which is eternal and everlastingWhy is ‘WHY’ such a critical word?Why did you do this? Why don’t you understand? Why my work is not appreciated? Why people around me are so mean? Why no one understands me? Why my life is in a mess? Why my monthly income is less? Why, why, why? The list is virtually endless. And it will stay that way until you don’t change your focus and way of thinking. Don’t ever ask why? Ask what you can do to change the scenario of Why’s. If someone does not understand you, help them by finding out what is wrong with you. If you think people around you are mean, help them with an extra ounce of love, as that is what they really need. If your life is in a mess or the monthly income is less, search within yourself. And you will find every single reason behind your failures – And the path that leads toward success will become clearly visible.Do you wanna be Free?All my life I’ve followed signs on many a road. Tried to find what was right, And do what I’m told. But sometimes you cross the line, And never can go back home. I’ve been here and I’ve been there, Always on the go, Looking for something more to call my own. Up to now I have found that life as a whole was cold. I wanna be free and live without warning, I wanna finally see what it’s like on the other side, I wanna be free Cause a new day is dawning, I wanna be me, I wanna show the world I’m alive. Who’s to say I need change, And I am not what I’m not. Look at me, And what you see has been through a lot. Now it’s time for me to find what love’s really all about and all that I’ve lived without. I wanna be free… Isn’t this a beautiful song? It’s from Marc Anthony’s musical album ‘Mended’. If you go deep into the depth of these words you will find they are about you, me and everyone around. Music is indeed the language of the soul as it lifts up your spirits, sets you free and takes you into the other world. So do find some time on a daily basis and listen to your favorite music in total silence. I call that ‘Musical Meditation’. Try it and see the amount of peace and positive energy it generates within youLife is ShortSo what should you do?Life is short. So better tune up your engine to have a beautiful ride. Throw away the unnecessary dirt and garbage you have collected, and try to feel your real nature that you always neglected. Be clothed with your inner beauty and love unconditionally, without reason or condition. Become your true self and go back to the care-free days of your childhood. Sing a song of Love and Hope, hear your inner voice and let your spirits be lifted up into the skies. Life is short, but you can make it as long as you want, by living each day fully. So don’t wait before it is too late, the clock of time is ticking, each precious moment is moving away from you. Start living now, your life is waiting to unfold the timeless secrets of eternity. Ask yourself, IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN?   Can the Power of Love bring World Peace?Is it beyond our reach?The Power of Love is indeed the greatest force in this Universe. Is it beyond our reach? No, it is not. You may be amazed to know how close it is. Love your neighbor as thyself holds the key to not only unlock, but unleash the power of love upon yourself, and through you to the world. But you have to understand what it means to love thyself. If you are not at peace it simply means you do not love yourself. And in that case how can you love someone else? It all begins from you as the world which we witness daily is our very own reflection. If you want these wars to end, corruption to cease, violence to be eliminated, then start with yourself. End your own internal war between the Conscious and Unconscious mind. End your own internal corruption by discarding unhealthy foods. End your own internal violence by eliminating sickness and disease with natural remedies and a healthy life- style. Once you attain INTERNAL PEACE, this will reflect upon the outer world that you witness, and we will certainly have WORLD PEACE. Is it beyond our reach? No, it is not. Simply start loving yourself and see how the Power of Love will un-leash itselfWhere do our habits lead us?One of the greatest truth’s in the universe: We are what we repeatedly do, and Excellence is not an act but a simple habit. Since your habit originates from what you repeatedly do, it all comes down to what you really do. You have a great power within to change the course of your life. The difference between success and failure are your daily acts. Conscious and focused acts take you to top of the ladder; while unconscious and unfocused acts keep you at the bottom. So take time and study what you repeatedly do on a daily basis. It is a simple act that can make Excellence into a life long habit. Good-luck in altering the course of your life. 


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