Your views on BBC

Monday 7 April

Lovemore N. Lusaka, Zambia
How can Mugabe demand a recount before the results are officially announced? Why the delay in releasing the results and why the intimidation? It’s because Mugabe knows he has lost. One can also predict that the high court will rule in Mugabe’s favour.

James, Zimbabwe
The MDC has the support of the whole nation because we need change. And yes it is probably getting overseas support, but largely from the millions of Zimbabweans who want to come home.

Arnaud Ntirenganya Emmanuel Rwandan living in Cameroon
In this very month of April in 1994, Hutus wiped out all of my mother’s family. In July of the same year, Tutsis killed my parents plus my Tutsi mother with four brothers. Up to today nobody talks about those thousands of people killed by Tutsis. Shame on the international community for applauding the Rwandan government and closing its eyes to the injustice carried out by the same government.


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