Kagame owning 1sq mile of the 9,000 sq miles of Buganda

Kagame owning 1sq mile of the 9,000 sq miles of Buganda

“Ugandan Member of Parliament, Jerome Kaddumukasa Ssozi on Tuesday named President Paul Kagame owning 1sq mile of the 9,000 square miles, Buganda is bitterly contesting with the government of Uganda, RNA reports.

“Mityana County South MP, Jerome Kaddumukasa Ssozi stunned the House yesterday when he claimed that President Yoweri Museveni, Rwandan leader General Paul Kagame, as well as two other generals own a good piece of the 9,000 square miles, Buganda is bitterly contesting with the government,” Ugandan daily monitor reported today.

Mr. Kaddumukasa told the parliament that he had unearthed information about top general owning miles of land.

Among those are President Yoweri Museveni 2sq miles in Bugerere, President Paul Kagame President Kagame owns 1sq mile in Kyankwanzi, General Salim Saleh, his wife Jovia and his brother own 200 acres each, Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire owns 1,280 acres in Kiboga and the late Rwigyema family.

The land issue in the Ugandan parliament has regularly sparked off heated debate and turning to tribal emotional.

According to the daily monitor the Speaker Edward Ssekandi ordered Mr. Kaddumukasa to substantiate his allegations producing evidence by Thursday.

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The disputed 9,000 square miles have been a sticky issue in the delayed negotiations between the government and Buganda kingdom for the return of Buganda’s properties confiscated by the British crown government and the past regimes.

Under the 1900 agreement, the 9,000 square miles were placed under the British crown government. They were not returned to Buganda Kingdom until independence. But later in 1967, they were confiscated by then Milton Obote government and placed under the Uganda Land Commission. Since then Buganda has only managed to get back 350 square miles under the “Ebyaffe” statute of 1993.

Uganda’s Attorney General recently presented a 19-page statement to parliament indicating that the 9,000 square miles of land the Buganda Kingdom is demanding from the government had significantly reduced to 4,638 square miles.”

Source: Iwacu1.com



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