Here is sad reality of Rwanda

Here is the sad reality of Rwanda : The genocide and other crimes committed from October 1, 1990 to April 5, 1994, the genocide and other crimes committed from April 6, 1994 to July 4, 1994, and the genocide and other crimes committed from July 5, 1994 to present, were and are the result of a fierce confrontation between on one hand Hutu Extremist militias who hated minority Tutsis and wanted to eliminate them using machetes, spears, and clubs, grenades and machine guns, and on the other hand the RPF army which hated and hates Hutus, and wanted and wants to kill them massively using machine guns, grenades, used up hoes, mass burial, incineration pyres, and organized disappearances. While the ringleaders of the first group have been arrested and prosecuted by the ICTR, the masterminds of the second group remain free and enjoy utmost impunity.

 That is the core of the sad reality of the Rwandan tragedy, and until there is equitable justice to settle this fundamental issue, peace and reconciliation among Rwandans will remain elusive for many years to come.

Equitable justice is a necessary pre-condition to reconciliation. All peoples of the world, including Rwandans, have an inalienable right to life, democracy and freedom. Any effort to reconcile the Rwandan population without a frank, honest, and sincere dialogue will produce the same result: inter-ethnic confront


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