Rwanda: Nothing new under the sun


Article by: Zangabe (misinterpreted Rwandan)

We need good neighbors than potential powerful enemy.

Do not ever forget, Kagame is not eternal he is a mere human as anybody out there in power in Kigali but very arrogant, canny and stubborn.
Do you believe that it was one morning and one night god Mobutu left DR Congo as a mere man without praises?
Do you recall that it was one morning and one night emperor Bokassa was toppled as a mere maid without protocol.
Do you remember it was one morning and one night master Idi Amin runaway as a mere scout boy by foot?
But you know IBM system became obsolete and were out taken over by Microsoft.

Do not forget the American KKK was once more feared and powerful was useful for the segregation to be perpetuated. And now, useless organization good reference when studying black history: forgotten by the US society in the rubbish bin.
Kaguta Museveni: LRA will destroy him, Afraid for their popularity. Wait and see 7months.
Kagame Paul: Genocide Instigator will be soon villain and will pay Rwanda in one-year time.
Kanambe Kabila: Usurpator and Killer will be pursuit and hunt by Congolese in few weeks.

Kabarebe James, Karaha Bizima, Ruberwa Maniwa, Mihigo Nkundabatware, Nyarugabo Moise, Sefuliri, Rugwiza Deo, Mutebusi Jules are their associates who have to answer to us.
This is the appropriate moment for us so called Banyamulenge to stand and reclaim our right as full Rwandan citizens otherwise when Kabila runs back to Tanzania in few weeks, the new dispensation in the DR Congo will be harsh toward Kagame and we have to be covered. Any plan even well prepared by kagame with Eritrea,  Burundi, Uganda blessed by Bush, Louis Michel or Clinton will fail due to DR Congo special anointing from God. I am so called Munyamulenge (but I am Rwandan> note that any divination, weapon, curses against DR Congo is void and shall not prosper.

Congolese especially of Diaspora are committed, very strong, organizing and determine to take over the control of their country (as Tutsi done since 1959).
We, Rwandans cannot stop them doing so.
Kanambe Kabila who is Tutsi boy grown in Tanzania was appointed by Kagame via the Tutsi power which is a group of greedy and ambitious people will be demystified by Congolese anytime soon.
We want peace in the region, Congo never provoke in contrary our shepherds are the ones creating cross boarding conflicts and helping with Coltan illicit trade.
We will be confused and ashamed; we must not rely on the propaganda in international media which still labeling us as weak nation and praising Kagame after killing of Hutus and displaying their skulls in a museum to attract visitors. Let us prepare to work with Congolese who in return will assist us to handle the African Hitler, am saying Kagame and cronies.

Let us work for peace in the great lakes region. Don’t be naïve again as Kagame used us doing his dirty works in DR Congo. For a better Rwanda, the condition sine qua none is Congo to Congolese and we have to accept it. IT’S CLAIR. Life or Dead
Mr. Kagame must stay away from this country; the stability of Rwanda depends on what is happening there. Assure a better future for your kids otherwise they will be also refugees in USA, Canada or Belgium. Pull out your puppet in charge in Kinshasa Kanambe and stop your fighting dog Kundabatware. Give positions to Ruberwa, Bizima and Nyarugabo and tell them that they are Rwandans so they will stop that Banyamulenge senseless story.
I do love you Mr.President.
You will soon leave that seat as Kayibanda, Habyarimana and Bizimungu left it to you to kill us. You are not invincible, you have plenty weaknesses which will be exploited to oust you.
Banyamulenge are attending on your case in Goma. Bush does not stay with you and America is very far to listen to your cries when your same cronies will handle you.
We want peace, paix, salaam, shalom with all our neighbors.

Nothing new under the sun

Comments by: Zangabe
Written on: 04, April, 2008 – 10:11:15  (-0400 GMT)
Doug and clan
It is very sad for someone considering himself as an intellectual with sole monopoly to teach others what not to say about Kagame and his dictatorship in Rwanda. I was in Kigali for 2 days later to Gisenyi and back to my country of retreat.
My friend, your Rwanda is no more a nation but a place where people are full of grudge and bitterness living in fear and building internal sense of self defense which will culminate in a huge revolution soon or later.
I know your Amani Project to annex Kivu using us Bamanyamulenge (false Congolese) but what you are ignoring that throughout killing of close allies such as Kabera Assiel, Rutayisire, Kanyarengwe Alex, Seth Sendasonga; your uncle African Hitler Kagame signed his own end and death because their blood are calling for reparation. Killers such as Gen Kabarebe James, Gen. Ndahiro Emmanuel and Col Rushema of DMI killed or make disappeared recently prominent people like: Niyitegeka Théoneste, Siméon Ndahayo, Francine Mutumwinka, Charles Uwineza, Félicien Ndimurwango, Etienne Nteturura, Kamanzi and Emmanuel Mbabajehe, Kanyarutoke Aimable, Muvunyi Jean-Paul, Emmanuel Ndahiriwe, Agnès Uwimana, Mujyambere Jean-Bosco, Bosco Gasasira and many more. Mr Intellectual don’t forget others who are running daily in exile protecting their skin such as Jean-Pierre Kagubari, Rwigara Assinapol etc against Kagame and Ragangaza.
You will notice that best Rwandans like me who will change history of Rwanda are outside to free Rwanda.
First sign, kagame entourage daily living in fear of Congolese who are just ready to takeover their land and send Kanambe aka Joseph Kabila to Rwanda and we in Goma will stop your Amani project.Bush will turn his back to you as the US done in the past to Mobutu, Shah, Pinochet, Marcos, Somoza. Kagame time is over: check the prophecies and read the Book. Be wise my boy
The African rebuilding will start from DR Congo and a King to reunify Hutu, Tutsi and Twa will be in Kigali soon. Like it or not, believe it or not.
Vive le Roi
Second sign, no more Banyamulenge Bizima Ruberwa Sefuliri Nyarugabo Mutebusi Nkundabatware senseless and stupid Congolese tutsi story created by Tutsi power. Adieu Empire Hima, Bye Bye République des Volcans, Au revoir Tutsiland.
Long life our King of Rwanda, you are called to reunite again Rwandans to prosper and live together in peace. Read the prophecies and the Book.




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