Be grateful as my mother!

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Be grateful as my mother!

I was born in family of ten. I used to hear words Tutsi and Hutu and I never knew the difference between the both, while in primary school, when my teacher asked the fingers of Tutsi up, I raised mine, the fingers of Hutu up, I raised mine! The teacher beat me and asked me to go and ask my parents which ethnic group I belong to, because I can not be the both at once, while reach the house I was afraid to ask, the next time I was not putting up my finger in any, also I was beaten!

Finally, during the civil war (Genocide), I realized some thing, I was small as 16 years old, when I was hearing people shouting, the noise of guns, when I learned that my uncles, my aunts on my mother’s side have been killed, and their houses have been destroyed! One morning (I will never forget) I was with my mother in her room praying, we heard people shouting around our house <we are coming to take your wife and her snakes>! My mother held my hand that I should not go outside, through the window I saw my Father giving the money to them, and they went back. I asked my mother, Why all this? She answered me crying <I am Tutsi and your Father is Hutu and those cousins you see hidden in ceiling are Tutsi>. Some thing came in my mind that they were only killing the Tutsi. I began crying.

After few months, the drums changed the sticks! Now was the time for the Tutsi to kill the Hutu! (Revenge); which kind of game is this? One day, some my cousins Tutsi who survived, held my Father and my Mother, and asked my Mother to leave! Of course she was their Aunt; do you know why? They wanted to stay and kill my Father who was Hutu, my Mother denied to leave and she told them <do to me as you do to him>! And they killed all of them! May their souls rest in peace! I am waiting the day of resurrection to come; I will thank my mother how good she was! Up to now I am confused; I do not know my side! The first massacres wiped away my mother’s side, the second took away many of my brothers and a big number of my Father’s side. Oh, Let God be our only Judge.


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