Why it’s hard?

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Why it’s hard?

To have mercy and have sorry heart

Help the needy ones

Understand the poor

Humbling yourself wherever you are

With good manners and respect

Let me ask:

It doesn’t require schooling

It doesn’t require money

It doesn’t dishonor the practitioner

Let me ask why it’s hard?

To love others despite their colors, tribes, and ethnics

All that without any interest

To respect all even those small ones

Receiving those coming your way

Talk nicely is very simple

To respect the elders is very simple

Humbling yourself and hard work

To be heroic and honest

Assist others and be satisfied

Being others’ keeper

Protect others’ interests

Talk little and keep secret

Trust in God and be wise

Strive to be a model

Your pride is your works

Good manners and good ways

Always be fair in everything

There is a lot that demands schooling

There is a lot that demands money

There are people with kindness

With good manners

So, tell me now

Why other children find it possible

Without diploma

Without certificate

Without any license

Tell me why it’s hard for you

There are wicked people very wicked

Who even hate those they don’t know

There are people with gossips

There are people with jealousy hearts

There are people who tell lies

Let me ask:

You are a learned person

With much money

With all sorts of wealth

With a family

But what about humanism

There are good people with compassion

With good manners indeed just

There are people with good intentions

Always with plans of peace

Always with plans of development

Tolerance, acceptance, and love

Stay strong

You are less educated

No university

No money

But the world needs you

Stay strong and God bless you

Arnaud Ntirenganya Emmanuel


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